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Ignorance over enterprise database security ownership rife

Many global organisations still do not know where buck stops when it comes to who’s responsible for database integrity assurance.

Leaders and decision-makers at some of the world’s largest companies, institutions and organisations seem to have ‘no idea’ who within their workforce is ultimately in charge of securing sensitive customer and consumer database information.

An online survey by Percona – Open Source Data Management Software 2019 – found responses to the very simple question of Who is responsible for your database security? ranged from ‘I do not know’ (7%) and ‘the IT security team’ (12%) to ‘system administrators’ (16%), ‘developers’ (21%), and ‘database administrators’ (42%).

Further key findings from the survey reveal that:

  • 92% of survey respondents report that their workplace uses more than one database service – a complication that compounds the issue of database security.
  • A majority of companies polled rely on self-support for their databases, which underscores the importance of knowing who is ultimately responsible for database security.

More troubling, according to Percona, is that companies that have experienced data breaches and inadvertently leaked billions of user records still failed to implement relatively simple security measures to protect valuable information.

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