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Ransomware impact to Europe’s SMEs global highest

Report from Datto reveals deleterious impact ransomware continues to have on European SMEs in terms of downtime and extortion.

The average ransomware payment demanded of SMEs by cyber criminals is increasing, and now averages €2,300 (£2,000) and downtime related to such attacks is increasing by 300% in Europe, year-on-year, higher than the global average of 200%.

According to latest European State of the Channel Ransomware Report from cloud-based solutions provider Datto, the associated system downtime from ransomware hits small organisations even harder and cost European businesses around €124,033 (£107,956) on average that’s 53 times more than the average ransom requested in 2019, and higher than the global average of 23 times, the report states.

Fifty-four percent of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) polled by the report that their clients suffered a loss of business productivity after a ransomware attack, followed by 34% that suffered business-threatening downtime. Victims cited lost data and/or devices and decreasing client profitability (both 33%), and malicious infections that spread to other devices on their networks (32%).

Forty-seven percent of MSPs reported that Europe’s professional services industry is the ‘most affected’ by ransomware attacks, followed by its construction and manufacturing industries (35%), retail sector (25%), and non-profit organisations (22%). The telecommunications and energy/utilities sectors appear to be the least affected, with only 3% and 1% of MSPs reporting attacks in these industries.

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