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Digital consumer behaviours skewed by coronavirus exigencies

Impaired online access experiences could cause consumers to switch to rival alternatives – and result lower productivity for homebound workers, Callsign study indicates.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused consumers to prioritise convenience and speed-of-access of online goods and services over personal security – and it’s also caused system access issues for employees now working from home due to the pandemic, a research study has found.

Conducted on behalf of digital identity specialist Callsign*, the study also reveals overconfidence among consumers in relation to the perceived strength and level of protection their credentials provide. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed believe their banking credentials to be the most secure, followed by online shopping (74%) and employer network logins (71%).

The study – based a survey of more than 4,000 respondents – also found that:

  • Consumers have been more likely to update work network login details over their own online banking (19%) and shopping (19%) credentials. While the disparity was marginal, this could be explained by employers’ willingness to provide staff with information and tools to update their login details, with 45% of respondents indicating that they had received such guidance when the pandemic ramped up.
  • Sixty-one percent of respondents have struggled with remote access to employers’ networks and systems. This results in many hours of lost time for employees, the study suggests.
  • With consumer anxiety at a high, there is scant patience for a substandard online user experience. Over the April-May period, 20% of consumers polled switched to other brands due to instances of ‘bad online shopping experience’. Instances cited included failed payments and complicated log-in requirements.

“As more people move their lives online, businesses need to encourage customers and employees to prioritise personal security – without adding-in extra cumbersome identity checks,” said Amir Nooriala, Chief Commercial Officer at Callsign. “With businesses on the brink they cannot afford to lose customers that way.”

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