Cyber Security Europe includes official and exclusive partnerships formed under contract with Europe’s major cloud, IT and IT Security events which provides CS Europe with significant exposure to the visitors and community of these events and increases the subscriptions and readership audience of Cyber Security Europe.

The partnerships incorporate reciprocal exchanges of promotion and communication to each party’s audiences, via promotional marketing email shots and banners as well as promotion and distribution of the Cyber Security Europe digital and printed publications to their event audiences and communities in exchange for reports and promotion of their event to the Cyber Security Europe audiences of Europe’s business and government executives.

Each quarter the Cyber Security Europe digital publication includes a major promotion on the event highlighting the events agenda, news as well as reports and features on what to expect during the event, along with the current trends related to the industry and the event.

This is distributed by the event organiser, exclusively, to their targeted visitor base within 4-6 weeks before the event commences and represents the show preview for the events targeted visitors.

During the event Cyber Security Europe is produced as a high-quality printed edition which is available to visitors attending the event from the media and entrance areas.

The printed edition of Cyber Security Europe acts as the show magazine, maintains its promotion of the event along and continues to provide reports on current trends and major highlights for the events attending visitors.

Cyber Security Europe intends to participate with distribution to visitors at these events.

Cybertech (Rome, Italy & Tel- Aviv, Israel)
Cloud and Cyber Security Expo (London, UK)
Info Security Europe (London, UK)
IP Expo (London, UK)
it-sa (Nuremburg, Germany)
Viva Technology (Paris, France)
Cyber Security & Cloud Expo (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

If you are the organiser of a significant event in Europe, related to IT/Cyber Security and wish to discuss opportunities to reach our unique European audience then please contact: [email protected]