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it-sa 2018: GDPR compliance still lags – survey

Almost 20% of respondents to Imperva poll ‘not confident’ they would pass first GDPR audit.

Nearly 30% of organisations do not feel ‘completely compliant’ with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a survey of IT professionals by Imperva has revealed.

When asked if they thought their organisations would pass their first GDPR audit, fewer than 50% of the respondents said they were ‘very confident’ of passing, more than one-third said ‘somewhat confident’, and less than 20% admitted they were ‘not confident’.

To assess personal data rights, the Imperva survey asked if respondents knew where all their users personal data resided on their IT systems. More than 30% of respondents said yes, they did know the location of the data, while more than half said they would need an extra three months to ‘get their house in order’.
Conversely, nearly 90% said that they could ‘easily respond’ to requests from people who asked them to disclose the information they held on them, with 57% reporting that their organisations ‘had already received such a request’.

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