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NCSC upgrades cyber guidance for business leaders

Boardrooms “need to get a bit technical” if they’re to understand and manage the risks they face, says CEO Martin.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published new guidance for corporate leaders to equip them with the basic technological details needed to understand the cyber threats they face, and to direct their organisation’s response to them more effectively.

The suite of guidance sets-out out five questions that boards should now ask about their company’s IT security provision.

“Cyber security is now a mainstream business risk. Corporate leaders need to understand what threats are out there, and what the most effective ways are of managing the risks,” says Ciaran Martin, Chief Executive at the NCSC (pictured). “They need to understand cyber risk in the same way they understand financial risk, or health and safety risk.”

The guidance also aims to equip boards/c-suite-level executives to ‘ask the right questions’ and how to distinguish ‘good answers from waffle’.